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Anthony Martinez has a long verifiable history of satisfied business relationships. Anthony specializes in helping end users understand how to frame the context of their project and use technology to help improved productivity while reducing cost.

In addition to founding and owning his own computer, small-business, IT and marketing consulting company for over 20 years Anthony has worked as a consultant for several major corporations in very high-profile projects over the past 10 years.

From complete migration of Amazon Tax department SharePoint to over 5 years working with Microsoft (Legal & Corporate Affairs, Datacenter Development, Global Marketing Privacy, Global SharePoint Support groups), Regence BlueShield, Starbucks, REI and more...Anthony's extensive knowledge of SharePoint, Communications, Graphics, Information Technology, Cloud Technology, Administrative experience, Time Management and Organization skills combine to create not just a single-dimensional SharePoint experience but rather a functional, productive and dynamic SharePoint experience for end users.

Anthony has just completed a 1 year assignment assisting the City of Seattle in their Cloud migration to SharePoint and Office365. Anthony has developed, built and migrated thousands of SharePoint and SharePoint Online sites. SharePoint is an amazing tool that lends itself perfectly to breaking down geographic barriers allowing companies (and individuals) to access files, convey information, develop automated and semi-automated solutions, emulate process and much more. If you're not familiar with SharePoint, please ask.

Prior to two decades of successful computer, IT support, Anthony enjoyed a successful career in radio and television broadcasting, marketing and advertising. Producing print, audio and video advertising and marketing for public distribution.

Anthony worked as the internal/external Promotions Coordinator for Regence Blueshield for over 2 years developing print and online marketing materials for one of the nation's largest BlueShield healthcare providers. In this position Anthony produced newsletters, brochures, postcards, information and training materials, audio/video and almost 500 PowerPoint presentations. Anthony created graphics, themes, formatted content, photos and more within brand standard for 5 brands across 3 states.

Anthony has worked for Microsoft and others in 100% remote capacity. Therefore, he can assist our clients in getting and staying connected. Using Remote Access, VPN, Remote Desktop Applications, Office 365, SharePoint, Skype, Skype for Business, Instant Message, E-mail, Dropbox and other tools Anthony can help users maximize their productivity, stay connected in this global economy. Geography is no longer an obstacle in today's technological world.

Anthony is a vital part of LTPartners and Ohana Tech Solutions team. With over 50 years combined experience our team of IT, Marketing and Consulting experts can help you with just about any need involving technology, Internet, communication, marketing and more.

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